Apr. 21st, 2014

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Apr. 21st, 2014 12:01 am
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A ) Want a movie with no dead bystanders.

B ) Tough to do and have any pretense of realism. I want a planet like that myself.

A ) I am flabbergasted to see the word "realism" used in this context.

B ) Read the whole phrase.
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Today, as I was pulling out of the driveway, a pickup pulled out from behind another and gunned it and hit my car in the right rear. My car was spun around, and I saw when I got out that he had continued on past, scraped the hydrant in front of my house, skidded across my lawn, and hit the neighbor's car in his driveway.

I have no serious doubt the driver's insurance is going to pay for repairs-- it's a residential street and he was going about 45 or 50 by the time he hit me-- but we need to scrape together the money for the deductible, and I ask everyone who looks at this to post this as a link on your own DW.

I need to sell a lot more Kindle or Nook copies of Soul Survivor to make the $250 deposit.

Doing extra work pays very slowly, and in any case I was on my way to pick up my prescription of painkillers. My workrate is not great.



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