Apr. 19th, 2014

What? 295

Apr. 19th, 2014 12:01 am
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Somebody I know has recently suggested that joining the Mile High Club will only work in coach if you get the whole section to participate in an orgy. He is obviously crazy.

That's not only more crowded due to people moving around, there's the danger of getting a strange woman's elbow in the testicles and spending eleven hours in a "stopover" city you've never been in, being taken to a hospital in slow motion because the ambulance driver is laughing, waiting in the emergency room in constant agony because everybody's so busy telling each other the story they never think of giving you any goddamn morphine, getting the only sympathy in the whole experience from the cop who refuses to arrest you when he's called in after you explain in mime to a sadistic shit of a doctor that ice is painful and destroys tissue, and finally being allowed back on another plane only after an incredibly snotty lecture by a harridan so antisexual in attitude as to make Hillary Rodham Clinton look feminine, and then being hit on by the entire rest of the flight by a gay male steward whose attitude is exactly like one of those morons who tells lesbians that they "just haven't found the right guy".

That is, I assume so.


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